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D-Series Covers

We carry a large selection of molded fiberglass covers with many different sizes and options to choose from. Our molded covers are perfect for many different applications including but not limited to residential well coverings, generator enclosures, pump stations, blower enclosures, irrigation pumps, valve controls, and residential/commercial pool pump/backwash stations.


Custom Fabricated Buildings

We offer in-house designs and specifications to match the needs of contractors, engineers and their customers. We are not generally restricted to size, quantity or configuration. We can provide intake/exhaust fans, shutters, lights, heaters and/or A/C, and electrics.

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Backflow Preventer Covers

We also supply customers with fiberglass backflow preventer covers of many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Protect your backflow preventer from freezing and other elements with a fiberglass cover from Dyer Fiberglass.


Custom Foam Enclosure

Our custom foam enclosures are a cross between the characteristics of the molded and the "regular" custom enclosures. They are thicker and denser than the D-series, but cheaper and more lightweight than the custom buildings. Turnaround is generally faster than the custom buildings; and the sound and insulation properties are generally even better than the D-series.

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D- Series Model Options

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D-Series Option Packages

Standard Package

This package substitutes a pair of stainless steel hinges (3 hinges on some larger models); a stainless steel hasp; and up to (2) 6" adjustable aluminum vents. On some smaller covers, we will substitute an extra hook, handle and lockable hasp for the hinges for the customer, at no additional cost. Other options, such as a continuous stainless steel piano hinge or larger vents, are available at extra cost.

Heavy Duty Package

This package adds 1/3 extra resin and glass to the Standard Option package. Insulation values increase to R-19, sound reduction moves into the 8-9 dBa range, and the cover itself is more resistant to damage. This is the package we recommend for covering small blowers, or small engines; or if the equipment is located in the northern US, Canada, Alaska, or similar climates.

Wholesale Package

This package is sold primarily to customers who keep a stock and sell to the public. Each cover is constructed of a fiberglass composite laminate made with rigid thixotropic resins and 30% chopped strand glass to a thickness of 1/8". Each cover is insulated with a 2 lb. polyurethane foam, resulting in an R-14 thermal insulation value--and about 3-5 dBa in sound reduction. The outside surface is a polyester gelcoat, usually white, with a UV inhibitor. The enclosure is attached by hardware to an FRP open-base flange with the bottom wide enough to anchor to a surface. This package includes polycrosslink (plastic) hinges; stainess steel nuts and bolts; one 7" cast aluminum handle; and a 30 lb. spring-loaded latch (also known as a 'hook'.) On the smaller covers, our customers often prefer to use hooks and handles on each end, so that they can lift the cover straight off their equipment without tilting it back. We offer this modification at no extra cost.

Sound Reduction Package

This package is the same as the HD Option package, but replaces the sprayed-in polyurethane foam with a dual-purpose acoustical foam, which retains the thermal insulation values but improves sound attenuation to 10-12 dBa.

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