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What is Dyer Fiberglass Known For?

Quality and dependability for over 45 years

Dyer Fiberglass, Inc., began as a manufacturer of fiberglass well-head covers for home use. After observing the needs for specialized FRP enclosures in the Water and Wastewater Industry, we designed a series of molded covers to meet these needs. Over a period of years, we have experimented with design processes, using feedback from our customers, until today we are confident that we offer the most effective thermal-and/or-sound insulated molded and customized enclosures for the cost on the market. Perhaps the most significant measure of our quality is the fact that we have become a nationally competitive business and a standard for many specifications.

Each team member overlaps and reinforces others in responsibility, providing a close-knit and efficient operating system. Each year, DFI successfully completes contracts for Chlorinator/Dechlorinator Equipment Enclosures, Insulated Housing for Equipment and Chemical Storage, and Sound Abatement/Weather Enclosures for Blower Packages. References are available upon request.

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